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Dining Reviews

"Some of the best seafood I have eaten anywhere. Forget Eastern Shore Maryland - get your Crab Cake fix here in Baltimore. Service was excellent - waitress, maitre d', bartender were all incredibly nice, super efficient and went out of their way to accomodate us on a busy night. Went one night and liked it so much we went back the next night."

A. Orrillo
United States of America

"The best part about Luna would be its workers, especially Kevin and Theresa. They went ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure our group's needs were accommodated and were very flexible with adjusting some aspects of our needs - even while we were already at the restaurant! They understood our needs and adjusted everything to make Luna a perfect fit for us. Kevin was also very attentive to details from beginning when contacting me on the arrangements to serving us. He made sure wine was always full, food was fresh and being passed around and would bring out more of the ''favorite'' options. We had a WONDERFUL time and will definitely be back next time we travel to Baltimore! Thank you again Kevin for your wonderful service!!"

Amanda M.
Chicago, Illinois

"I have been going to Luna Del Sea for years. The food is consistently great. Their crabcakes are some of the best in Baltimore. All crabmeat, no fillers. They are awesome! I love the crab trio dishes and the service is always good. Tony treats us like family and we appreciate the extra mile they always go to make us feel at home. We live in Philadelphia, but have been know to drive down to Luna for a meal and then come back home. Kudos!"

Anthony G.
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Luna Del Sea Bistro is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore! The food there is fantastic. I recommend anything from the seafood list, but there are so many other menu options as well! The servers are the friendliest I've encountered in my years in Baltimore and the location is so convenient - right across from Camden Yards and so close to the inner harbor. Also, at night, Luna Del Sea is a really fun bar to visit - great music, indoor AND outdoor sections, awesome bartenders, and fun people to meet."

Ashley Lynne
Baltimore, Maryland

"We went for lunch and were not going to get the crab cake because we were probably going to have that for dinner that night. The waitress suggested we try one as an appetizer because they don't use any filler; it's all crab. Wow, we're glad we tried it. Fantastic! I had the shrimp salad which was huge and awesome. My husband had a burger that was also very good. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive.We were there for drinks the evening before and also found the wait staff and management to be exceptionally friendly.Try it, you won't be disappointed!"

Barb Scipio
New York, New York

"Stopped in for dinner and started with the crab dip... I thought it was fantastic. I'd order it again. Also I had the mussels in butter sauce. Huge selection of fish and crab dishes... and steak. I'll be back again."

Daniel diGiacomo
Baltimore, Maryland

"Thank you so much for accommodating Dr. Kiel and his colleagues on Saturday evening. They enjoyed themselves and the meal very much, as well as, the private room. Coordinating events like these from a distance certainly can have their challenges, but you made it a pleasant experience for our group from the Musculoskeletal Research Center."

Dawn A.
Boston, Massachusetts

"I wanted to express my deepest appreciation to your server known as "Jay." I enjoyed a late lunch at your restaurant on 5/29/2013 and had one of my best dining experiences ever! Not only were the crab cakes out-of-this-world delicious, the salad was too. But, since the lunch rush had come and gone, the best part was the conversation I enjoyed with Jay. Please extend my gratitude to him. And, if at all possible, please let me know if it would be OK for me to send him a book in order to further express my appreciation. Given the conversation we had, I believe it's something he'd enjoy... Either way, I'll be sure to visit your restaurant the next time I'm in Baltimore! Thanks again.

Dr. Camille Atkinson
United States of America

"Luna del Sea has been my go-to for every family visit. This place serves the best seafood and offers such a huge menu that it can please everyone's taste! On my latest visit last week, my husband had a filet mignon with crab cake and I had an organic vegetarian pasta dish, both were absolutely delicious. We sat in a separate dining room for dinner it was connected to the restaurant but felt like its own little space with a beautiful Baltimore themed wall mural, its own bar and beautiful decor. I would highly recommend Luna del Sea for dinner for a special evening."

Felipe Orrillo
Baltimore, Maryland

"I am born and raised in Baltimore. Land of the crab cake. This place...hands down. The best crab cakes around...it wasn't cheap...but the best never is... a nice place to treat yourself to...my girl is still talking about how good her ribeye and lobster tail dinner was."

Forre Aldoe
Baltimore, Maryland

"I travel to Baltimore a lot on business and came upon this gem. I have been known to eat nothing but crab cakes during my visit and even OD once. But dinner here tonight was a real treat. Pretty good cream of crab soup. I ordered the Seafood trio (Broiled Crab cake, shrimp and Scallops) the shrimp and Scallops could not hold a candle to the fantastic Crab Cake. Next time I would skip the trio and go all Crab Cake. Perfectly Broiled (never fry) and the right amount of seasoning."

United States of America

"I sat at the bar, service was EXCELLENT. Drinks were very well made and bartender was very pleasant, black angus cheeseburger was very well prepared and HOT, servers were very pleasant. I will be back once a week. Great place"

Harry White
Baltimore, Maryland

"I work downtown Baltimore. Came in to have the black angus cheeseburger. Hot cappuccino was perfect. Food came out was hot and grilled to my liking. Service was excellent. Over all I would come back as much as I can."

Irish Mike
Baltimore, Maryland

"A few friday nights ago, my friends and I were leaving the Orioles game and wanted to find a place close by for some food. We walked across Pratt and found Luna Del Sea. The food is great and we really liked the fact that they have outdoor seating. We were gonna leave and meet some people at one of the clubs, but all of a sudden, Luna had its own DJ and the music was off the hook! It got really crowded and we decided to stay and have our friends come there! Great drinks, decent prices, and a DJ? What more can you ask for? We have already been back twice!"

J. Horrworth
Baltimore, Maryland

This resturant is a true gem, and the Crab Cakes are to die for and are simply out of this world. I have traveled to Baltimore for trade shows and also subsquent follow up business trips and you can bet this little gem is going to be on my list of stops every time I am in the area. There are good restaruants and there are fine dinning restaruants and this is far better than some of the area's 5 star restaurants. I would recomend this eatery over any of the local competition hands down. I have traveled to many US Cities trying to find anything that will compare to the quality of thier Crab Cakes and have been sorely dissapointed each and every time.. Gentlemen my hat is off to you and I salute the best crab cake I have ever had and the quality remains the same on each and every return visit...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU ARE A SEAFOOD LOVER, ESPECIALLY CRAB CAKE LOVERS!

James Underwood
United States of America

"I only went once, but it was so good. We had oysters - which I don't usually eat but tried them and they were fresh, not fishy, perfect cool temp, served on ice and the server brought out habanero Tabasco sauce (so freakin good, flavorful and hot, I will buy it for at home use when I can find it) - not the green one, by the way - but these oysters were so good I had two (which is big for me) and they were delish!!! "We also had the crab and shrimp (I think) omelette this was very yummy too! Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned. I would def get that again. And last but certainly not least, we ordered the stuffed mushrooms. They were stuffed with crab and they were SO damn good!!! Oh my goodness! They were creamy. And crabby! And yummy! Try them. Seriously. Ambiance was nice. Classy. Expensive looking. But then again it was expensive so I guess they matched up nicely. Service was an laid back then it seemed it would be. It wasn't as stuffy and hawty tawty as the outside had me assume. And for me, that's a good thing."

Jenn H.
Brooklyn, New York

"I visited your restaurant Luna Del Sea on Saturday afternoon and wanted to tell you about the pleasant experience I had. It actually started earlier in the day when I walked by when your staff where setting up the outside seating. Pearson, the server and a gentleman greeted me very warmly even though it was clear I was just walking by. Later when I was looking for somewhere to lunch downtown, I remembered that friendly greeting and decided to try Luna Del Sea. Everyone was very nice. Pearson was my server and she was excellent. Nice, professional, attentive, but observing good boundaries. She did a great job. I asked for your contact information to let you know.I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will be back as I live in the area."

Jennifer Shotwell
Baltimore, Maryland

"I arrived in Baltimore late at almost 10:00 PM. The front desk at the Holiday Inn told me that Luna Del Sea was open late. Cold night in the Charm City (24 degrees) but the restaurant was open and very inviting to a traveler. Was graciously greeted by Kevin and Lindsay (bartender) and ordered a Makers Mark Manhattan. Lindsay makes a great Manhattan and put bitters in it as it should have! I ordered a Crab Cake appetizer and the Oyster Duo (2 Rockefeller and 2 stuffed with crab meat). Food was hot and perfect, probably the crabbiest crab cake I ever had! Oysters were fantastic. Music and interaction with the staff was awesome. I felt like I was at home! East Liberty Mike was there also (GO STEELERS !). I definitely will go back tomorrow for dinner! Anyone that complains about this restaurant is a TOOL and should eat at home !"

Jim Jenkins
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Great steaks and seafood, Thanks to Tony and the staff for making our experience at Luna unforgettable!"

John & Cindy Capalerri
Baltimore, Maryland

"Luna del Sea is by far one of my favorite places to indulge when downtown! The food is always fresh and cooked just right. The staff is friendly and hardworking, and the setting is very soothing and intimate for one on one time, but also good when you just wanna have a light lunch or a few drinks at the bar with some friends. Its also nice location. My family has done it a few times when we take a day trip around the harbor and camden yards, then end it off with dinner at Luna del Sea since it is right there within walking distance. I would definately reccommned it."

Keith Jesperson
Allentown, Pennsylvania

"Luna Del Sea Bistro is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore! The food there is fantastic. I recommend anything from the seafood list, but there are so many other menu options as well! The servers are the friendliest I've encountered in my years in Baltimore and the location is so convenient - right across from Camden Yards and so close to the inner harbor. Also, at night, Luna Del Sea is a really fun bar to visit - great music, indoor AND outdoor sections, awesome bartenders, and fun people to meet."

Kimberly V.
Baltimore, Maryland

"As a dental student living in the downtown Baltimore area, there are several options of places to eat. Among these Luna Del Sea far exceeds the rest. The seafood is exceptionally fresh and appetizing. The welcoming and accommodating staff creates the ideal dining atmosphere! My classmates and I always choose Luna as the place to celebrate for our post exam dinners. It’s the perfect place to people-watch while enjoying our favorite meals and cocktails. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone interested in the best Baltimore dining experience."

Liza M.
Baltimore, Maryland

"I am so glad I ventured to Luna Del Sea! One of the best meals I've ever eaten. I had a salad, very fresh with flavorful dressing, just the right amount. Then I feasted on Salmon with hollandaise sauce with lump crab meat. The salmon was tender, flaky and absolutely perfectly seasoned and cooked. The hollandaise was well-balanced and luscious, with big lumps of crab - they definitely did not skimp on the crab. Even the broccoli was perfectly cooked, tender but firm, with just a drizzle of the hollandaise on it. Had a nice glass of wine with the meal and a robust, flavorful cup of coffee to cap off my meal. The service was excellent, the waiter really knew the menu and made great recommendations. What a wonderful meal! Another customer came in and wanted a dish that was not on the menu, and Tony talked to the kitchen as happily accommodated her request."

M. Trip
Columbia, South Carolina

"It is always nice to stop by and try a place that you have walked by a million times. Baltimore has a lot of these restaurants...stand alone places that are on the way to the Convention Center, or the Arena, or the Orioles or the Ravens. On the occasion of the Ravens next to last preseason game, my wife and I took the occasion to avoid stadium food and to linger on Pratt Street. We found Luna Del Sea. Dinner time seems to be when this place starts to roll, so we ordered various appetizers as we were rushed for time. We left stuffed. The Wedge Salad and Stuffed Portobello Mushroom were delicious and tasty, and the crab dip was perfect. The beers were priced just right, and the pregame meal went off with timely service and nice conversation with the wait staff. All appeared to be seasoned vets of Baltimore dining and were helpful when ordering. Now that we have experienced a nice new find, we can plan to return and enjoy the seafood and pasta dishes that the place is known for, as we people watch on the sidewalk tables."

Mauricio B.
Towson, Maryland

"I was in Baltimore last week for a conference and this restaurant was not far from where I was staying. When in Baltimore you have to have a crab cake, so that's exactly what I decided to order. The first thing I noticed was the the amount of lump meat used to make the crab cake, and I was impressed! One of my biggest peeves about crab cakes are that no matter how much you spend wherever I go there is a least a few shells. It doesn't turn me off, but it prevents me from devouring it the way I would like to. Anyways that was not the case with this crab cake, not a single shell!!! It was delicious. I'd have to say this is by far one of the best crab cakes I've ever had. Next time I'm in town I won't hesitate to eat here again."

Melissa M.
Brentwood, Maryland

"I just wanted to stop by and write a few words about my experience in Baltimore this week. My friends and I went to Orioles game and just happened to stop by Luna Del Sea for the dinner. Being located in the very heart of the city, not only has it provided a marvelous view, but it also has surprised me with the perfect staff and the food that was beyond our expectations!!! If you guys are going for a perfect atmosphere and delicious dinner, then Luna Del Sea is definitely the place to go! I’m looking forward to my next visit to Baltimore city and of course my now favorite restaurant!!!"

United States of America

"Seriously they have the best crabcakes in town! They owner greeted us at the door and even had a conversation with us at the table, and not many do that anymore. They also offer a shuttle back and forth from your hotel. It makes it easy to have a nice meal when you dont know your way around."

Orlando O.
United States of America

"In short, excellent food and service and great setting. I loved the Cream of Crab Soup and Crab Cakes. Best food I have had in a while. Service was great. The owner took time to talk to my friend and I. Had a great time and will return!"

Preston Patton
Baltimore, Maryland

"My husband and I travel to Baltimore every year and always stop here for a quick bite at the bar. The service has always been pleasant. The food is great. Today we had the cream of crab soup and the appetizer crab cake. Both delightful. We enjoyed meeting the owner, Tony, who went out of his way to introduce himself and give us his business card for future visits."

Sandra I.
Flower Mound, Texas

"We took the recommendation from the hotel for dinner. We were looking for great seafood for our final dinner in Baltimore. They picked us up for dinner at our hotel (Royal Sonesta) and took us back afterward which was a wonderful service. Dinner was wonderful! Seafood was fresh and VERY well prepared! The crab cakes were the BEST we had had during our week long trip. You should try it - you will NOT be disappointed!"

Sandra W.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"We happened upon this place on the last day of a conference. The ambiance is eclectic and the signed pictures on the wall were interesting. The prices seemed a little high, but not much higher than other places in the area. I got the crab dip and crab cakes. I absolutely loved them. The dip was thick and had giant lumps of crab. The crab cake was awesome!"

T. Speas
Gloucester, Virginia

"In visiting Baltimore, I told myself I had to try some local flavor, and crab cakes seemed to be the best idea. Luna del Sea's crab cakes were so amazing, I'm not certain I can ever eat them anywhere else. (The ratatouille was quite excellent as well.) I felt the price was absolutely worth it. It's a nice little place, very convenient to the convention center, and with a lovely outdoor eating area great for cooler nights. I also had a little emergency related to my visit and the staff were both compassionate and understanding. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a fine dining experience and good seafood."

Take Walker
United States of America

"I am born and raised in Baltimore. Land of the crab cake. This place...hands down. The best crab cakes around!"

Forre Aldoe
Luna Del Sea

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