Why our restaurant chooses to serve Certified Angus Beef

Tony Assadi - 1/20/2014 4:00:51 PM
Angus Steaks

For ten years now, Luna Del Sea Steak and Seafood Bistro has been serving the highest quality Certified Angus Beef and freshest seafood. One of our customers recently asked us: What does Certified Angus Beef mean? We thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to explain that answer to everyone.

Although you might see the word angus on many menus in the steak section, the Certified Angus Beef brand is a premium mark that ensures flavorful, tender, juicy cuts of beef. The main difference is in the actual flavor of the beef and the fact that your steak can be physically tracked to an American farm. Next month, we will be showcasing a few of the farms that our beef comes from to spotlight their integrity.

Certified Angus Beef must pass 10 stringent quality specifications in order to earn the name. Here they are broken down into three different sections:

Marbling and Maturity

Consistent Sizing

Quality Appearance and Tenderness

Now all this technical talk about the steak quality might confuse you a bit, but understand that when we at Luna Del Sea send that steak or for that matter, even a hamburger to your table, we are backed by the experts in finding the best possible cuts available. Come on in and see what all the great flavor is about.

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