Why does a restaurant write a blog?

Tony Assadi - 11/3/2013 3:57:54 PM

Here at Luna Del Sea, we realize that it is very important for us to consistently publish new content for our website. From the outside, we know that working in the restaurant business looks like it might be a lot of fun. And believe us, it can be just that. But the long hours and stressful work allow for very little time to write a blog. Our blog is not our weekend hobby. Our blog is going to be about our everyday life. We decided that the only way to be completely true was to let our employees write the news about our restaurant. As owners, we will play editor to the articles and work hard to give Luna Del Sea an honest voice.

Our blog will be dedicated to keeping our customers in the loop of what goes on around here in our restaurant. One week we might be introducing a new fresh seafood special or a recipe to one of our happy hour appetizers. The next week, our topic might be a great steak marinade or a seasonal creative cocktail. We'll discuss great wines, craft beers and what it really feels like to be a bartender in Baltimore. Our articles will shine a light on the latest trends in the restaurant industry and make you want to become one of our regulars.

We believe in keeping an open dialogue with our guests and we promise to publish new and interesting articles that you will look forward to reading. For the next month, we'll be getting organized and practicing up on our writing skills. Stay tuned to hear what our staff has to say about Luna Del Sea and the restaurant business. They might even share some tips on how to be a great customer and score a free drink every once in a while.

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