What beer should I order with my crab cakes?

Tony Assadi - 11/9/2013 3:57:25 PM
Heavy Sea Gold Beer

For this week's blog, we've decided to spotlight one of our favorite beers here at Luna Del Sea, Heavy Seas Gold. We're not bragging when we say "we broil the best crab cakes in Baltimore" but we also serve some pretty incredible local beers. In fact, we usually aren't the ones making that statement, it's usually one of our customers. Whether it's a Baltimore local or a guest from out of town, we live to to hear the words: "That was the best crab cake I've ever tasted!" come out of our customer's mouths.

Heavy Seas Gold is the beer that we most often pair with our Maryland crab cakes. Some people like a nice glass of French Sancere with seafood but we are a bit more traditional around here and always suggest cracking open a nice cold beer with our crab cakes. The entire story of Heavy Seas is a great one because it all started here in Maryland. A guy named Herb was all set to embark to on a career in the theatre in New York City. Just before he was going to leave, his father Albert asked his son to come work part-time at the local tavern that he had just purchased. Once Herb entered the bar on the first day, his father tossed him the keys to the bar, cussed some words of encouragement and walked out the door. So now Herb was the proud owner of a local tavern. This tavern was called Sisson's and it was without a doubt, Maryland's original Brewpub.

As years went on, Herb had his heart set on expanding the production of his brewpub and created the Clipper City Brewing Company. Here he started brewing Heavy Seas Gold. Luna Del Sea is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar, so we love the fact that this beer has a strong family ties to Baltimore. We also love the way that this beer tastes with almost everyone of our seafood dishes. On their website, Heavy Seas Gold is described as:

"An easy-drinking session beer that pours a deep golden color. It smells slightly floral and herbal, thanks to a hopback full of Cascade and Centennial hops. Gold is tasty and refreshing, with a round mouthfeel."

All we know is that we love the way it washes down a jumbo lump crab cake. Heavy Seas Gold is brewed locally year round and has won distinguished awards at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup in 2010. So the next time you join us for a romantic dinner or belly up to the bar for our awesome happy hour, order a Heavy Seas Gold to see what we are talking about.

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