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Dining Reviews

"I am so glad I ventured to Luna Del Sea! One of the best meals I've ever eaten. I had a salad, very fresh with flavorful dressing, just the right amount. Then I feasted on Salmon with hollandaise sauce with lump crab meat. The salmon was tender, flaky and absolutely perfectly seasoned and cooked. The hollandaise was well-balanced and luscious, with big lumps of crab - they definitely did not skimp on the crab. Even the broccoli was perfectly cooked, tender but firm, with just a drizzle of the hollandaise on it. Had a nice glass of wine with the meal and a robust, flavorful cup of coffee to cap off my meal. The service was excellent, the waiter really knew the menu and made great recommendations. What a wonderful meal! Another customer came in and wanted a dish that was not on the menu, and Tony talked to the kitchen as happily accommodated her request."

M. Trip
Columbia, South Carolina

"In short, excellent food and service and great setting. I loved the Cream of Crab Soup and Crab Cakes. Best food I have had in a while. Service was great. The owner took time to talk to my friend and I. Had a great time and will return!"

Preston Patton
Baltimore, Maryland


"Food was hot and perfect, probably the crabbiest crab cake I ever had! Oysters were fantastic."

Jim Jenkins
Luna Del Sea

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